96 Hours…

4×24 hours, four days. That’s how long we have before the Aberystwyth ‘Global Climate March’ is due to start*.

On Saturday and Sunday, similar events will be taking place across the globe. Climate change is almost certainly the biggest threat facing life on earth, and governments (certainly those in Westminster and Cardiff Bay) do not appear to be taking the matter sufficiently seriously.

The situation is not hopeless, there are things we can do to prevent climate change, some which would appear to save money (eg. scrapping the plans for a second M4 motorway around Newport and banning future governments from even commissioning feasibility studies into such a thing), yet governments refuse to do this. This is plain reckless and must be stopped, and hopefully a good show of support for the global climate marches at the weekend will win the day.

The Aberystwyth march was originally planned for the Sunday, however I’m happy to report that it currently appears that it will now take place on the Saturday instead. I’m please because it will allow attendees to arrive by bus, the Sunday service being rather poor where it exists and, on most routes, completely non-existent.

*This post went live at 13:00 on 24th November 2015

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