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Going HighSpeed

Apologies for the lull in posting, I have been struggling with exam revision. With the exams finally out of the way, I’ve got a backlog of letter writing to do and Modern Railways magazines to read. This coming semester I also have my major project to do, so things might still be a little slow on the posting front. Anyway, excuses out of the way, to business.

High Speed 2. An example (and not the only one) of much-needed investment in rail coming from the UK government being rather poorly executed.

I have created a page detailing my proposals for part of the Birmingham – Manchester leg.I hope to update this with proposals further south in due course.

What We’ve Lost

This was originally posted on my old blog on 11 September, 2011. I have recovered the post, but not the photographs which went with it originally. The pictures featured may or not be the same ones.

Look what Pembrokeshire County Council was willing to throw away:
Fishguard & Goodwick station in June 2011

Fishguard & Goodwick station in June 2011
Alas, no more. Fishguard & Goodwick station in June 2011
This was the building of Fishguard & Goodwick station, which if restored probably would have been the nicest of any minor station on the national network. It has been demolished now, what a senseless act of vandalism.

Update: 23rd Nov 2011. I’ve just realised something. As well as everything else this distruction has lost us, we have lost probably the best spot to take photographs for promotional material to advertise the new rail service, and the opening of the station (without a nice building) next year. There is the brick hut to provide shelter, but that’s not the same.

Retrospect: Feb. 2016 The brick shed isn’t even used for shelter. All passengers have access to is a rail-industry-standard shelter; basically a bus shelter. These are bigger and look more robust than your average bus shelter, but just as draughty.